General Park Policies

We continue to monitor our guests’ comments and contemplate ways to improve their experience at Ocean Lakes. Sadly, the biggest complaint we continue to receive is NOT about our campground or service, but about the behavior of other guests – please remember “young eyes” are watching and listening. Many guests have heralded the policy modifications that we have implemented during the last few years and we have seen guest behavior, and thus guest experiences, improve. We appreciate and value your feedback and hope you have a great vacation.

General Campground Policies:

  • Families only, please.
  • All visitors must register at the Main Office before entering the campground.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permissible at your site only by adults 21 years of age and older! Do not drink and drive – this includes Golf Cars!
  • PLEASE SECURE YOUR VALUABLES(bikes, scooters, skateboards, coolers, golf cars and chargers, etc.). Lock your vehicles; beware of leaving valuables inside. We are not liable for stolen or damaged items.
  • Sandy’s Center Stage can be used for events – check with the Recreation Office.
  • Annual Leaseholders and guests are not permitted to sell any item anywhere in the park. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the removal of the guest and/or jeopardize the Annual Leaseholder’s site Lease.
  • “For Sale” signs, or any sign or banner including phone numbers or websites implying such are not permitted. Political signs or other promotional signs are not permitted. However, flags that are not vulgar are permitted. On golf cars and vehicles, flags are not to exceed 2’ x 2’. Flags at sites must be mounted on a pole.
  • Main Gate entrance is open 24/7. 24-hour Security Patrol on-site.
  • Sandy Harbor Water Park: please review the pool rules and guidelines online or available in our offices.
  • Watch OLFC TV (Campsites: 61, Houses: 1391) and OLP TV (Campsites: 62, Houses: 1390) to keep up-to-date with Ocean Lakes info and activities.
  • Drones are not permitted in the park for privacy and safety reasons.
  • Horry County Ordinance states it is illegal to feed migratory and domestic waterfowl (geese, swans, ducks, cormorants, etc.) unless you are on a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Property. The purpose is to prevent attracting migratory and domestic waterfowl to or near residential areas.
  • Animal cruelty, harassment, molestation, torture, or injury will not be tolerated. This extends to all wildlife, including waterfowl, nests, and eggs. Do not catch, take, or sell wildlife. Our fish are catch and release, do not kill. SC DNR will be contacted at our discretion based on the circumstances.
  • DO NOT pass the stopped School Bus at our Main Gate. Please stop while the bus is loading and unloading and do not drive around the bus by using a lane under the canopy.
  • Yield to pedestrians, watch for crosswalks.
  • We understand that guests enjoy decorating and creating experiential displays; however, please keep in mind that management reserves the right to require the removal of anything that might be deemed unsafe or inappropriate. Remember young eyes and young ears!
  • Full masks and face coverings (that cover MORE than the nose and mouth) are only permitted to be worn in Ocean Lakes for the 5 Halloweekends*** (on Fridays and Saturdays).


  (Bikes, scooters, skateboards, coolers, cars, golf cars, golf car chargers, etc.)

Courtesy Policies

  • We want to emphasize that QUIET HOURS are 11 PM to 7 AM.
  • Please do not walk or drive across an occupied site.
  • All common areas are smoke free (including vaping).
  • Know your site boundaries and respect your neighbor’s site space. Your campsite boundary is road to road, and from site post to site post. Be considerate, please try and keep fences, vehicles and other items 3 feet from street edge. Do not park behind your camper as that is your neighbor’s site.
  • Do not park or place your belongings too close to the roads. Leave ample clearance for
    vehicles and camping units to pass.
  • Any guest playing loud music at sites or on golf cars (karaoke, stereos, amps, etc.): $100 fine will be issued after ONE WARNING.
  • Lewd, vulgar, or offensive music in the campground: $100 fine will be issued WITHOUT
    WARNING! Remember young eyes and young ears!

Things with Wheels

  • About Uber/Lyft, Door Dash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc. cannot proceed past the Gate to your site unless they have an individual work badge. All vendors must meet liability insurance requirements to work on our property for the safety of our guests and teammates. Drivers can pick up a “Guideline for Authorized Uber and Lyft Drivers” in the Compliance Office. If you need transportation, there are several taxi services that can drive you directly to your site. Please ask Security, any of our offices, or check under Quick Links online for a list.
    Please note: Uber/Lyft drivers interested in taking guests to their site (past the Main Gate) simply have to provide the necessary insurance requirements and can find out more by contacting our Compliance Department at (843) 828-4853.
  • 10 mph speed limit throughout the campground – strictly enforced.
  • No motorcycles and no 2 and 3 wheeled gas-operated vehicles inside the campground under power. No motorcycle “Coasting” to site past authorized areas. 
  • Gas golf cars are not allowed.
  • Electric scooters and electric mopeds are permitted. Riders must obey all traffic rules. Please use directional hand signals. Please know your child’s abilities! Pick up a “Safety On Wheels Guide” in one of our offices.
  • A parking pass is required inside Ocean Lakes. All visitor passes are $12 per day, per vehicle.
  • Cruising on golf cars during quiet hours (11 PM-7 AM) is not permitted and subject to a $100 fine.
  • All bicycles, scooters and golf cars operated after dark must have light(s) turned on.
  • No vehicle parking on beachfront (beach side of street). Handicap Placards and spaces are exempt.
  • All trailers (utility, motorcycle, boat, etc.) must be on your site or placed in short term storage for $8 per day. Contact our Main Office at (843) 238-5636 for more information.
  • You must be 16-years old with a valid driver’s license to operate a Golf Car anywhere in Ocean Lakes.

Annual Lease Sites

  • Camping in tents/motor homes is not permitted on sites with a house structure and camping equipment may not be hooked to power source.
  • Ocean Lakes requires insurance on all vendors/sub-contractors. Please contact Compliance at (843) 828-4853. After hours – call Security at the Main Gate at (843) 828-4847.
  • CAUTION – When digging at a site – remember we have shallow underground utilities. We require Leaseholders to contact the Compliance Office for a “locate before digging”, this normally takes 3 days.

DIAL 911… then call 843.828.4847 (Ocean Lakes Main Gate) so Ocean Lakes SECURITY

Using Lakes & Oceans

  • Please fish from banks (lakes are catch and release only), no wade fishing in lakes. Crabbing and
     net fishing are not permitted in our lakes or swash.
  • Boats are not permitted in our lakes, including remote control boats.
  • Glass bottles and campfires are not allowed on the beach.

Danger – BEWARE!

  • CAUTION – When digging at a site – remember we have shallow underground utilities. We require Leaseholders to contact the Compliance Office for a “locate before digging”, this normally takes 3 days.
  • No fireworks are allowed to be discharged in the campground (including sparklers).
  • Please remember – water balloons, water guns, and marshmallow guns can be considered assault weapons by other guests.
  • No firearms are allowed in the campground.
  • Laser pointers are not permitted anywhere in the campground.

Golf Car Policies for Everyone*

The Golf Car Violations listed below apply to ANYONE operating a Golf Car inside Ocean Lakes, including our Annual Lease Site Holders, their guests, camping and ALL rental guests. Please review the violations and penalties below. Scroll down the page to more details below about Underage Driving and more.

The Golf Car is a huge part of the culture at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. We want everyone to enjoy their time and experience in Ocean Lakes, but the policies and rules are in place to help promote the safety of our guests and our teammates. Our ultimate objective is to make Ocean Lakes Family Campground the safest and most enjoyable family-oriented vacation destination that it can possibly be.

ZERO Tolerance Policies:  Golf Cars & More
A $100 Fine will be issued after ONE Warning for the Following:
1. Loud music in the campground.
2. “Cruising” after Quiet Hours (11 PM – 7 AM) with no legitimate destination.
We are not out to harass guests utilizing necessary facilities, such as the bathhouses or Soapy Suds, etc. We are targeting guests “cruising” around the campground, generally making noise or looking for trouble (coolers, bikes, alcohol, unlocked vehicles, etc.).
3. Open containers of alcohol anywhere but at your site – Please do not drink and drive!
We understand that our guests are on vacation and want to relax with family and friends and enjoy themselves. That may include an adult beverage and that is permitted at their site. However, open containers of alcohol are not permitted on vehicles (that includes golf cars) for it is against South Carolina state law. It is true, we are private property, and we choose to uphold the state laws.

A $100 Fine will be issued WITHOUT Warning for the Following:
1. Underage driving: Driver MUST be at least 16 years of age with valid driver’s license in their possession. The Licensed Driver must be in control of the golf car at all times (hands on wheel, foot on pedals).
2. Reckless driving, horseplay, racing or other misuse of the golf car. Drivers must obey all traffic signs.
3. Taking rental golf cars off property – DO NOT go past the entry gates or onto the beach.
4. Lewd, vulgar or offensive music in the campground – Remember young eyes and young ears!

Golf Car Violations Result in the Following Actions:

Rental Golf Cars:

  • First Offense: $100 fine which must be paid immediately at the Main Office.
  • Second Offense:$100 fine and the loss of privilege to operate a golf car in the campground. The golf car must be placed back on the camping/rental guests’ trailer or into the Golf Car Storage area.

Annual Leaseholder Golf Cars:

  • First Offense$100 fine will be levied against the Annual Lease Site and documentation recorded in the site’s file.
  • Second Offense: $100 fine will be levied against the ALS and documentation recorded in the Site’s file. The second offense will result in the loss of privilege to have a golf car on the campground for one year. The golf car must be removed from the campground or placed into the Golf Car Storage area. 
  • Additional Offenses: If violations occur after the second offense, the Lease could be in jeopardy.

Privately Owned Campsite Guests:

  • First Offense: $100 fine which must be paid immediately at the Main Office.
  • Second Offense:$100 fine and the loss of privilege to operate a golf car in the campground. The golf car must be placed back on the camping/rental guests’ trailer or into the Golf Car Storage area.

*We understand some guests will not agree with our policies, but they most likely do not share our perspective, the liability, and the lack of respect shown to our team (and many guests). Our ultimate objective is to make Ocean Lakes the safest and most enjoyable family-oriented vacation destination that we can be.

Learn more by scrolling this page or feel free to contact the Ocean Lakes Security team for more details or with any questions anytime at 843.828.4847.

Watch our helpful video. We want to emphasize that QUIET HOURS are 11 PM to 7 AM.

Let’s Highlight for All – Ocean Lakes Golf Car Violations include:

  • Underage driving. Driver must be at least 16 years of age with valid driver’s license in their possession (also SC State Law). Any underage driver on a golf car without a licensed driver gets the ticket written in their name, but if a licensed driver is on the golf car we will write the ticket to the adult for “allowing an underage driver on a golf car.” If the ticket is written to the adult, understand that the underage driver’s name will still be noted on the ticket for the incident report, but the name of the person receiving the ticket will be the name of the adult.Photo of Zero Tolerance Signage with phots
    Note: Our policies do permit a child to have their hands on the wheel while sitting in the lap of a licensed driver, but the licensed driver MUST have their hands ON THE WHEEL at all times. Our posted signage/policy states: “The licensed driver must be in complete control of the golf car at all times.” This includes sitting in the driver’s seat and the operation of the foot pedals with hand(s) on the steering wheel. If an officer witnesses otherwise, a violation will be issued with a fine because then it is considered an underage driver violation. The licensed driver must be in control with hands on the wheel. The child CANNOT be seated behind the wheel with the licensed driver beside them, that is a violation because the licensed driver is not in full control of the golf car. This specific rule is addressed in writing/pictures/signage to the guest that registers/rents the golf car. It is the responsibility of that guest to make additional drivers aware of our policies.
  • Reckless driving. Golf Cars must be operated properly at all times and driven on roadways. No reckless driving, racing or misuse of the Golf Car will be tolerated. Drivers must obey all traffic signs.
  • Loud, lewd, and vulgar music (or language). Please keep the volume level on radios, stereos, or other audio devices low so others are not disturbed, and only play music that is family -friendly.
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages on your golf car (or in your possession off your site). Please, for everyone’s safety, do not drink and drive!
  • “Cruising” after hours (during Quiet Hours 11 PM – 7 AM) with no legitimate destination.

    Golf Car Policies (continued)

  • Privately owned golf cars must be registered and have a valid registration sticker attached to the driver’s side of the front of the car. Proof of proper liability insurance must be shown with a minimum of $50,000 coverage in Personal Injury and Property Damage held on the golf car. Be aware of South Carolina driving laws on public roads.
  • There is a $40 charge for required Ocean Lakes stickers.
  • NO gas-powered or motorized golf cars are permitted.
  • NO outside golf car rentals are permitted.
  • Golf cars operating after sunset must have the light(s) turned on. Lights must be permanently attached and at least four inches in diameter.
  • Aftermarket lighting is permitted on golf cars as long as it does not blink, pattern flash or strobe. The lights should NOT resemble emergency lighting.
  • Flags on golf cars are not to exceed 2′ x 2′. No whip antennas or extended post mounted flags are permitted.
  • A maximum of 5 people per golf car at any given time. 8 people maximum per limo car.
  • Cruising on golf cars during quiet hours (11 PM-7 AM) is not permitted.
  • Annual Leaseholders and transient campsite car owners are responsible for the operation of the golf car including any damages that result from operation.
  • Annual Lease Holders must have 3″ reflective site numbers on the front and back of their golf cars.
  • Golf cars must be operated properly and driven only on roadways. Golf cars are not to be driven across vacant or occupied campsites, the beach, or in other restricted areas.
  • Under NO circumstances can golf cars be rented to other sites or other guests as a separate transaction. Tip:  Do not leave the key in the golf car!

Park Policies: PDF | v. Jan 2022
Pool Rules: PDF

Please review Campsite Policies or Rental Policies for further information.

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