Christmas at Thanksgiving*

November 22-27, 2021

Celebrate Christmas this Thanksgiving at Ocean Lakes Family Campground! Families and friends gather together to give thanks and celebrate the Christmas Season.  Also, enjoy dining, shopping, and holiday shows (stop by the Recreation Office for discounted show tickets).

See photos and info on our Blog! Download our Ocean Lakes AppWatch for a very special guest to arrive (besides the Big Guy).

And above all, Be Thankful… a timeless message from our teammates.

Turkey Bingo | Monday, November 22, 7 PM – 8 PM
We’ll play 10 games of bingo. The Grand Prize will be a turkey! 1 Card per person. Held in the Rec. Building. No Fee!

Thanksgiving Music Bingo & Trivia | Tuesday, November 23, 6 PM – 8 PM
Join us in the Recreation Center for this fun, musical twist on the original bingo game we typically play. Snippets of songs in different categories will be played, you will have to match up the song played with the title of the song on your bingo card. We will give a few hints along the way. In between rounds of music bingo, we will play 3 rounds of stupid trivia. 10 Wacky, crazy questions in each round. NO cheating! NO FEE.

Thanksgiving Bingo | November 24, 7 PM – 8 PM
We’ll play 10 games of bingo; all prizes will be items that will help with your Thanksgiving Feast! 1 card per person. Held in the Recreation Building. No Fee!

Pie Bingo | Thursday, November 25, 3 PM – 4 PM
We’ll play 10 games of bingo, and our lucky 10 winners will receive pies as prizes. 1 card per person. Held in the Rec. Building. No Fee!

Gingerbread House Contest | Thursday, November 25th
All houses need to be submitted by 8 PM.

Gingerbread Contestants | Drop off your hand-crafted one-of-a-kind Gingerbread House at the Recreation Center beginning at 9 AM on Thursday morning. All houses must be here no later than 8 PM on Thursday night. You can bring in your completed house or you can use Room A at the Recreation Center to create your house. Please Note: The Recreation Team does not provide any materials. Winners will be announced and posted Saturday at 1 PM.

Gingerbread Judges | Please Note: Technology is needed for Voting
We encourage all to come to join us in the Recreation Center to vote for their favorite Gingerbread Houses. Voting will be held from 9 AM Friday until Noon on Saturday. Voting will be done virtually using Ocean Lakes’ App – click “Vote” to enter your favorites.

Candy Guess | ! Please Enter Your Contact # with Site #! | Please Note: Technology is needed for Voting
Closest guess without going over wins! Enter your count via the App. Vote virtually using Ocean Lakes’ App – click “Vote” to enter your candy counts for M&Ms, Tree & Star Chocolates, Hershey Kisses, and Soft Mints. All votes need to be in by 5:30 PM on Saturday, November 27 to be counted.

Christmas Bingo | Friday, November 26, 3 PM – 4 PM
We’ll play 10 games of bingo. All prizes will get you ready for Christmas!  1 Card per person. Held in the Rec. Building. No Fee!

Christmas Lights & Sites Contest | Friday, November 26 – Saturday, November 27 at 8 PM
We could all use a little more holiday cheer!

Site Contestants | We encourage everyone to put up their beautiful decorations and spread that extra cheer. We are creating a list of participating sites that will “Deck the Halls” this holiday season. Please stop by the Recreation Office to sign up before 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day to get your site on the list. The Top 3 favorite sites will win a prize!! Winners will be announced Saturday Evening. NO FEE!

Site Judges | Please Note: Technology is needed for Voting
A list of participating sites will be available AFTER Noon on Friday, November 26th in the Recreation Office or on Ocean Lakes’ App – click the “Alerts” button to view the list. Then take the Lights & Sites tour! It won’t be easy to choose your 3 favorite Christmas sites! Vote virtually using Ocean Lakes’ App – click “Vote” to enter your Top 3 choices. All votes need to be in by 8 PM on Saturday, November 27 to be counted.

Tree Trimming Event | Saturday, November 27 from 10 AM -12 PM
Bring your holiday spirit to the Recreation Center on Saturday morning to help trim the big Ocean Lakes Christmas Tree for Santa’s arrival that afternoon. We’re celebrating 50 Golden Years, so share your family photo from the holidays past, a photo taken with Santa Claus at Ocean Lakes. Your special photo will add to the incredible collection of ornaments we’ve collected over the years! Beverages will be provided.

Santa Claus is Visiting Ocean Lakes | Saturday, November 27 from 2 PM – 5 PM
Ocean Lakes welcomes Santa Claus on Saturday, November 27th from 2 PM – 5 PM. Stop by the Recreation Building to take photos with the big man himself! Plus, Flip Flop the Elf will bring some special holiday treats. We are encouraging each child to write their own personal Letter to Santa (that he will read later). Letters will be provided for each child to fill out. Parents can print the letter out at home and have the little ones finish it ahead of time. [PARENT TIP: Please print your address clearly for Santa’s Elves.] There will be a special Christmas Mailbox located in the Recreation Center for your child’s Letter to Santa. So don’t forget to drop the Letter to Santa in the mailbox for Special Delivery to Santa Claus. Who knows he may just write back!! No Fee.

Starfish Walk of Fame Celebrating 50 Golden Years | Don’t miss the STARfish Walk in the Recreation Center featuring more than 16 different Sandy STARfish and 50 Hollywood style floor tiles, many featuring a special QR Code.
How to: Open the Ocean Lakes App. On the Main Screen click on the Toolbox icon in the bottom right corner to find the App’s “QR Code Reader.” Scan the QR Codes on the STARfish Walk in the App for fun facts and trivia. Plus, there is Bonus Material – DO NOT need to App for this QR Code – scan with your phone’s camera to see the interview with Sandy Starfish’s creator, Ron Zwing, on YouTube.

Shop for Christmas Gifts &  Souvenirs | Gift Shop | Sandy Mart | Gift Certificates
Do you have an Ocean Lakes fan on your Christmas List?
Don’t miss shopping at the Main Office Gift Shop for unique Ocean Lakes souvenirs including our Golden Anniversary commemorative Christmas ornament and Sandy Starfish wrapping paper. Our Ocean Lakes beach bucket makes a great “gift bag” to fill with Ocean Lakes goodies! Check out our new 3-D magnet – only in our Gift Shop! The Main Office also has Gift Certificates that can be purchased for any amount – guaranteed to fit! Pick up the 52-page story of Ocean Lakes filled with never-before-seen photos of Ocean Lakes, available at the Gift Shop, Sandy Mart and the Nature Center.

*ALL events SUBJECT TO CHANGE – especially due to COVID-19.

If any guest has concerns about their well-being or that of their family members, we recommend abstaining from using our amenities or participating in our activities. We truly want every guest to have a positive and enjoyable experience at Ocean Lakes, ultimately we want everyone to exhibit caution and consideration.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to remain proactive with social distancing, sanitizing, and minimizing shared items. It is everyone’s personal responsibility to help ensure the well-being of their family and to be aware of how their actions impact others. Our team will do everything we can to follow the recommended guidelines throughout our operations.