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Welcome to Ocean Lakes Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is complimentary at your campsite! Complimentary Wi-Fi for non-camping guests is located at the Wireless Zones located in the Camptown Center, Sandy Harbor Cafe and Sandy Harbor Water Park.

Connecting to Wi-Fi @ Campsites & Wireless Zones

Our Wi-Fi service was upgraded in January 2017 to help accommodate our guests’ rapidly growing data consumption.

  1. Open your wireless utility.
  2. Find the access point with strongest signal (example: Starfish_2).
  3. Click on the access point to connect.
  4. If you experience issues with this access point:
    1. Go back to your wireless utility.
    2. Find the Starfish access point with the next best signal.
    3. Click on it to connect.

Things to know:
Internet speeds can vary due to the number of guests connected to the wireless network and the amount of data they are using. Please be mindful of others by monitoring your family’s use. Streaming movies (especially HD), gaming and music greatly impact the Wi-Fi experience for all guests. Signal strength can be affected by the construction materials of your RV, inclement weather, trees and nearby structures.

Upgrading Wi-Fi Service for increased Data Usage Needs

Streaming movies (especially HD), music and gaming greatly impact the Wi-Fi experience for all guests. If your family would like to accommodate the data demand for streaming and gaming, you can upgrade from our complimentary Wi-Fi service by purchasing Wi-Fi at a premium level.

Troubleshooting Ocean Lakes Guest Wireless

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Connect to the access point with the strongest signal.
  3. If you are still experiencing problems, call Ocean Lakes Wireless Support @ (843) 438-1694.
    Please leave a detailed message including:

    1. Your name
    2. Your telephone number
    3. Tell them you are staying at Ocean Lakes Family Campground
    4. Your campsite number
    5. The Starfish access point you are connecting to (the Starfish_number)
    6. The issue you are experiencing

A technician will return your call as soon as possible between the hours of 7 am – 11 pm.
(Please note: this will start a case number certificate to assist us on tracking issues.)