Parking Policies and Options

Ocean Lakes Family Campground features 2,574 annual lease sites and 859 campsites; while most sites can accommodate two vehicles guests often need additional parking options. The potential number of vehicles in our campground can easily exceed 6,600 guest vehicles, in addition to our business fleet and 500 teammates in-season. Yes, that is a lot of vehicles on 310 acres! Our team continues to find ways to accommodate our guests’ needs and wants to clarify guest options.

Ultimately, we recommend guests keep the number of vehicles they bring to a minimum with some “creative carpooling” but we understand that many guests arrive from different locations.

We also strongly recommend that guests always secure [lock] their vehicles and belongings. Although we have 24/7 Security Patrol they cannot be everywhere at once; we need everyone to be proactive and “if you see something, say something.” The Main Gate (at Hwy 544) is open and manned by Security 24/7. Our Security team can be reached by calling (843) 828-4847, in case of an emergency, or after the Main Office closes.

All vehicles in Ocean Lakes MUST have a vehicle/car pass. Our Security team monitors every vehicle for a car pass or Annual Lease Site decal as they drive through the Gate into Ocean Lakes.

Here are Ocean Lakes’ guest parking options:

Campsite Guests |
Each campsite includes two overnight car passes in the nightly fee. Camping guests can purchase an additional day pass for $15 per day, but the third vehicle must vacate the campsite by 11 PM. Also see Overflow and Remote Parking options.
TIP: Use Express Check-In.

Ocean Lakes Properties – Rentals |
Each OLP rental house includes two overnight passes in the nightly rental fee. OLP rental guests can purchase additional car passes for $15 per day per vehicle. If the rental site can accommodate more than two vehicles then they can stay at the site. If the extra vehicles do not fit at the site please see the Overflow and Remote Parking options.

Annual Lease Sites |
Ocean Lakes features privately owned houses, campers, and mobile homes on Annual Lease Sites. Annually, Leaseholders receive a limited number of coded decals that adhere to the driver’s side windshield. Leaseholders can purchase additional annual decals.

>Private Rental House reservations made as a private transaction between a guest and the Annual Lease Site Holder (or their authorized agent on file) will also need vehicle passes. The Leaseholder can include these $15 vehicle passes in the rental rate or they may pass the cost of the vehicle pass(es) on to the guest.
TIP: Use Express Check-In with the proper form and original ALSH signature.

Overflow Parking |
This lot is located inside Ocean Lakes at the South Gate area (on Spring Lane across from our Maintenance area). It is patrolled by our Security officers. However, space there is limited. Some guests choose to park their second vehicle in the Overflow Lot (they use the $15 vehicle pass provided with their campsite or OLP rental reservation). If you have more than 2 vehicles or are a guest of an Annual Lease Site, you will obtain a $15 pass from the Main Office. The Overflow Parking area is first-come, first-serve, and there is no guarantee of the availability of parking spots.

Remote Parking |
Remote Parking is recommended when:  the Overflow Parking is full, you do not need daily access to your vehicle, or you want to save money. The $10 Remote Parking pass is valid for Remote Parking Only; it does not allow the vehicle to enter Ocean Lakes Family Campground. You will need to visit the Main Office to obtain the pass and the Remote Parking Access Card that will open the Gate on Wellsford Avenue. Remote Parking is located in the “Ocean Lakes West Lot” located on Wellsford Avenue adjacent to the Exxon Station on Hwy 544 (0.3 miles from OLFC’s Main Entrance).

Temporary Short-Term Parking |
Short Term Utility/ Boat Trailer Parking is available if additional space at your site is preferred. All Ocean Lakes and Annual Lease Site guests can utilize our Short Term Parking for $10 daily. This parking area is located within our Camper Storage lot adjacent to the Remote Parking area (just across the street next to Exxon gas station on route 544). Stop by the Main Office to register your utility trailer, boat, jet-skis, motorcycle trailer, or car dolly, and our 24-hour Security team will escort you to the lot.

Parking on the Beachfront |
NOTE:  Vehicle Parking is NOT permitted along the beachside at Seaside Drive. Only Golf Cars are permitted. Visitors will be Towed at the Owner’s Expense. (Please see the Main Gate regarding Handicap Parking spaces.)

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