Sandy Harbor Games

A favorite place for kids to hang out! That sun can get pretty hot at times, so when you and the kids need a break from the heat, be sure to visit Sandy Harbor Games located next to the Recreation Center inside Sandy Harbor Family Fun Center. You’ll have a blast in the Game Center which features more than 84 excellent games! Try the latest video games, play a game of pool or revisit some old favorites (or maybe humor mom or dad and let them join in) and play. Enjoy some arcade classics such as Pool, Pinball, to the high-speed motorcycle race.

NEW in 2023 – Ocean Lakes Fun Card
One Card, more FUN!
The Fun Card can be purchased at the Sandy Harbor kiosk stations or the Game Center Prize Counter in the Sandy Harbor Game Center. Simply pay to load the desired amount on the card. The Fun Card will store your game play cash and your prize points to redeem.

Load more cash to be rewarded with BONUS cash:

  • $1 Fun Card (No Bonus Cash) 
  • $5 Fun Card (No Bonus Cash)
  • $10 Fun Card (No Bonus Cash)
  • $20 Fun Card = $5 Bonus Cash = Total Value $25 
  • $25 Fun Card = $8 Bonus Cash = Total Value $33 
  • $30 Fun Card = $10 Bonus Cash = Total Value $40 
  • $40 Fun Card = $15 Bonus Cash = Total Value $55
  • $50 Fun Card = $20 Bonus Cash = Total Value $70
  • $75 Fun Card = $30 Bonus Cash = Total Value $105
  • $100 Fun Card = $50 Bonus Cash = Total Value $150

TIP: We strongly recommend registering the card with your name and information at the kiosk or the Prize Counter! If your card is lost or stolen, we can access your account and transfer the remaining balance to a replacement card.

Worried about Losing Credits or Points from the old Sandy Harbor PLAY Card? (2019 – April 2023)
Bring your Play Card to the Game Center Redemption Counter so our Team can check your Play Card balance and transfer cash and points to the NEW Fun Card. 
NOTE:  All Play Card balances will expire in the near future.

The Ocean Lakes’ Game Center is conveniently located beside the Sandy Harbor Cafe where you can enjoy a snack or even a meal. …and even better than that…it is only 180 feet from the Atlantic Ocean! Video games, food, refreshing pools, and the beach…all just part of Ocean Lakes Family Campground and Myrtle Beach!

Sandy Harbor Games Hours of Operation:

Hours | In-Season

Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 11 PM
Sunday, 10 AM – 11 PM

Hours |  after Labor Day

Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday, 10 AM – 9 PM

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