Photo of merchandise at Ocean Lakes Sandy Shop in the Camptown CenterOcean Lakes Sandy Mart

CLOSES JANUARY 5TH [Starfish at work!] Sandy Mart Reopening on Thursday, January 19th |

Sandy Mart is currently closed for maintenance and inventory. It will reopen on Thursday, January 19th. Please be aware that renovations will still be taking place, and there will be some aisles with limited access to apparel/gift items. Thank you for your patience.

Ocean Lakes Sandy Mart is located in the heart of the campground.  It features 12,600 square feet of groceries, gifts, souvenirs, swimwear, and hardware.  Check out our Sandy Shop for Ocean Lakes branded merchandise. Plus, all your fishing tackle supplies, including salt-water and fresh-water fishing bait, for use in the ocean or one of our lakes. So, whether it’s a cup of cappuccino, a bag of ice, or a swimsuit – we’ve got you covered!

Check out our Krispy Kreme donuts, Icee, Holiday items, and more!

Check Out Sandy Mart with Rebecca on Campground Conversations!

Sandy Mart Hours:

Hours | Closes Jan. 5th for Maintenance and Stocking, Re-opens Jan. 19th
Off-Season beginning Nov. 1:  8 AM – 5 PM Daily
In-Season: Daily 8 AM – 8 PM

January: Sandy Mart will be closed during part of January for inventory and to re-stock.

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