Curfew Policies at Ocean Lakes

Family is the reason we are here. And family values are as important to our founding family and team as they were when we opened our gates in 1971. We understand that the world has changed. The definition of family has changed, American culture is different, and the behavior and respect for others have declined.

We love and appreciate our guests and we want everyone to have fun (safely and responsibly). Like many businesses and resorts, our team is struggling with bad customer behavior, especially during the summer season, spring break weeks, and senior graduation weeks. We know the bad behavior impacts the good families and guests that consider Ocean Lakes their “Home away from Home,” and it also impacts the morale of our team.

Let’s face it, while we have more thoughtful guests than not, the guests with obnoxious behavior take a toll on the rest of us. For more than 53 years, our team has focused on creating a campground with outstanding amenities, activities, and customer service. Of all the feedback we receive, the biggest complaint isn’t about us, it’s about guest behavior. Their loud music, vulgar language, reckless golf cars, drinking, and teenagers. (Yes, we know there are some guests in their 40s, 50s, and older, who act like teenagers.)

Sandy Starfish with big heart thanks guests, parents, and teens who set an example of good behavior!


We apologize to those good teenagers and their parents – we see you, and we truly appreciate you setting an example for others.

Our team is enhancing the existing policy, Quiet Hours (11 PM – 7 AM), due to the behavior of some of our guests. We want kids and golf cars off the streets by Midnight. This will assist our Security teammates as they strive to provide a safe, family-friendly environment and help them more easily identify potential problems and monitor our campground.

We are running a campground, folks. Our team should not need to be disciplinarians, that’s the parents’ responsibility. Our commitment to providing a safe, fun place for families remains stronger than ever. So, we are taking a stand. We are going old school: we’re implementing curfews beginning Friday, May 24, 2024.

Golf Car Curfew |

Ocean Lakes has a Midnight curfew for the operation of a Golf Car and other modes of transportation (such as e-bikes, bikes, scooters, etc.). These modes of transportation (golf cars, e-bikes, bikes, scooters, etc.) must return to their registered site by Midnight and will be subject to a $100 fine if operated from Midnight to 5 AM.

Age Curfew |

Guests under 21 years of age are subject to Ocean Lakes’ curfew and must return to their site by Midnight unless accompanied by an adult from their site, or the guest (or their parent/guardian) will be subject to a $100 fine. This policy applies year-round from Midnight to 5 AM. Carrying your ID is recommended.

We want to emphasize that QUIET HOURS are 11 PM to 7 AM. Guests are expected to behave in a manner as to not disturb or annoy their neighbors. Radios, televisions, and other sources of noise must be kept within the bounds of moderation at all times.

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Contact Security at (843) 828-4847.

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