Craft Vendor Policy

Ocean Lakes made a fair and reasonable compromise to our craft policy during 2010 in an effort to accommodate both our guests who enjoy the craft sales and those who did not. Unfortunately, this compromise failed and we have had to reconsider our policies. The sales of crafts and other items/services in the park has taken us away from our true mission statement of providing a safe, friendly family campground and resort for vacationers. Therefore, effective January 1, 2011 Ocean Lakes Family Campground will no longer permit leaseholders or guests to sell any item anywhere in the park. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the removal of the guest and/or jeopardize the annual leaseholder’s site lease. Ocean Lakes will still continue special events such as the annual craft fair.

This policy change was unanimous and was the result of continued problems encountered with the craft sales program. These included unbecoming behavior directed at our teammates and other crafters, abusive language, physical threats and threats of lawsuits all of which will not be tolerated. It is sad it had to come to this, however Ocean Lakes must maintain its mission of providing a safe, family campground and resort for our guests, leaseholders and teammates.

A Letter about Craft Sales:

Historically, Ocean Lakes Family Campground has allowed the selling of “hand-crafted” unique-type items from campsites and annual lease sites. In the past year or two, however, this practice was abused and guests began selling commercially or mass-produced items, food and or drink items, clothes, shoes or other accessories, and personal services such a temporary tattoos and hair-braiding, among other things. As you can understand, this has completely gotten away from our mission and purpose as a family camping and resort area, and has even begun to negatively impact the enjoyment of guests adjacent to those involved in these types of activities. For that reason, we have found it
necessary to make changes in this policy.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope that you enjoy the new event we created for the enjoyment of all of our guests.

M. Lance Thompson
Vice President/General Manager
Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Rally Vendors

Special Consideration will be made for vendors that accompany various rallies hosted at Ocean Lakes throughout the year. These vendors must be registered with the rally organizer and may only sell goods related to camping and that are specific to the rally (name badges, coach signs, camping equipment, etc.).

Craft Policy Violations

Failure to comply with the guidelines and policies will void the Craft Vendor Permit, may result in the loss of the right to sell craft items and/or removal from Ocean Lakes Family Campground’s campsite or annual lease site.