Annual Lease Sites

Beachfront annual lease sites in Ocean Lakes. Shot around 2000.

12 thoughts on “Annual Lease Sites”

  1. My family and I are actively looking for a yearly rental with three bedrooms and either some utilities included or all utilities included. We are non-smokers and we have no pets. Occupants would include myself, my husband and my two children. We are currently residing at the Myrtle Beach resort next-door to your location. We are looking pricewise to stay under 1200 per month. If you have any properties that you think may meet what we are seeking please send info.

  2. My wife and I are looking at annual side for a travel trailer. Do you have concrete pads that can be rented annually for travel trailers. If so what is the cost?

  3. Looking at buying a vacation home in South Carolina. I see that there is no HOA fees. I was inquiring on what the two payments a year for the lease land cost.
    Thanks joe Weidner

  4. I am looking for a camp site I can leave my camper all year long that is open all year long

  5. What are your rates for annual leases at ocean lakes campground? I have a 36’ camper and do y’all allow building a room on the side of the camper?

  6. Do you long term rental sites for a camper 15 foot or so? What is the cost and stipulations?
    Thank you

  7. We have. 37.5 length Montana 5 th wheel. Looking to have a permanent site to leave camper for year round use. Do you have any and what is the cost. Is there a waiting list and if you get in can you do landscaping or add on

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