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  1. I mailed express check in to you. You should have received them Tuesday, 8/18/20 around 3:30 pm. I made one for 7 nights for B-2 but we will only be staying until Tuesday, 9/8/20 instead of 9/10/20. Do I need to do anything now or just wait until we check in?

  2. Hi I did the express check-in and paid for a park pass to be mailed to me it went Thur my bank on March 5 2021 and I still haven’t received my parking pass I am renting thru Vrbo please contact me back thank you

  3. Hello, we are renting through Wes Cromer, check in is June 25th, check out July 10th. We still have not received our express check in email. When we call we get put on hold. Unsure how to proceed. Or who to speak to.

  4. Hi I am renting 1308 Snapper paid for July 17-24 2021 can you tell me how long before I get the pass to get in thank you

  5. Good morning. I am scheduled to arrive at Ocean Lakes tomorrow, July 10, 2021 and I paid for 2 Express Passes and I have not received them as of today. My mail for today has already run and the passes were not in today’s mail. What should I do when I arrive at Ocean Lakes since I have already paid for 2 Express Parking Passes but have not received?

  6. I sent in the form and money for express parking passes. I did receive an email stating that I you received my money, but still have not gotten the parking passes. Can you please check on this for me? I tried calling, but no one is returning my call. We are coming in on Oct. 14 and leaving the 18. My guest number is 178608. Thank you!

  7. I have not received my express check in so I can pass for parking passes? I arrive June 3

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