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Drawing held Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2016. All proceeds benefit “Marti’s Wish”

About the Contest

You could win one of Mr. Jackson’s favorite golf cars custom made with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Purchase a $5 ticket at Ocean Lakes’ Main Office, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars or Ocean Lakes Recreation Office before Labor Day 2016. Fill out the information on the numbered ticket stub and drop into an entry box located at one of the three purchase points. The winner is responsible for delivery, taxes, etc.

The Harley Davidson Golf Car is donated by the Jackson Family for “Marti’s Wish.”

About Marti Parnell of “Marti’s Wish”

Marti Parnell with Mrs Jackson
Marti Parnell (far right) with Ocean Lakes’ co-founder, Mary Emily Jackson (center) and Dennis Wade, CEO (left).

Many of our long time guests knew Marti in the Main Office at Ocean Lakes. A resident of Myrtle Beach since 1974, Marti spent 36 summers welcoming visitors from all over the world to Ocean Lakes Family Campground and the Myrtle Beach Area. She enjoyed the Carolina sunshine, sitting in her backyard feeding the ducks, or touring around in her VW Beetle convertible. During her career at Ocean Lakes, she was recognized as The Jackson Companies 2007 Outstanding Teammate for her remarkable guest service. In 2015, Marti was recognized by Ocean Lakes Family Campground for 35 years of service, having one of the longest tenures at the campground.

On September 1st Marti Parnell was diagnosed with Stage 4 Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma of the stomach, she passed away on October 15th. Her condition was left undiagnosed for months. Marti spent her last days visiting with friends, family, and co-workers, who tearfully came to say their “good-byes,” her husband Harry by her side. She made it her mission to tell everyone she saw about H. pylori and its link to Signet Ring Cell Stomach Cancer, imploring them to help spread the word. Marti’s last wish of letting others know about H. pylori and its link to cancer only highlights her compassion and concern for others, and so “Marti’s Wish” was established. “Marti’s Wish” was created to help in the Awareness and possible Research of this terrible and rare form of cancer.  Because of “Marti’s Wish”, education and awareness is now being pursued by the Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina under the direction of Dr. Carolyn D. Britten, M.D.
Contact:  Harry Parnell, (843) 421-6156 for more info.

All the funds raised will go to the Waccamaw Community Foundation on behalf of  “Marti’s Wish” to fund the research and awareness of Signet Ring Cell Cancer.

Learn more at:  http://www.waccamawcf.org/news/martis-wish/